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CCTV operates throughout our nurseries for the protection of children, staff and parents. It drives away burglars, stalkers, vandals and other unwelcome visitors. Images are retained on the system for an extended period of time and then automatically erased.

Outdoor Play

In addition to all of the indoor activities and facilities, the children go outside every day throughout the year for fresh air and exercise. Banana Moon considers outdoor play to be an essential part of children’s learning and development.


Security is of paramount concern at Banana Moon. With this in mind we operate a ‘finger print’ biometric access system to protect children and nursery staff. This system allows nursery personnel to register parent’s fingerprints in seconds. Parents then simply press their fingerprint on a sensor pad at the door to gain fast, easy access. We operate an “open house” policy where registered parents can enter the nursery any time of the day. They can leave or collect their children without fuss while unregistered visitors must await admission by a member of staff. The biometric system means members of staff can remain in constant supervision of the children.

Sleep Rooms

Calm tranquil rest is a pre requisite for babies and younger children, all of our settings have dedicated sleep rooms equipped with cots and sleep mattresses. Each child has its own bed linen which is regularly laundered in house. Baby monitor’s, rigid recorded checking procedures and a designated member of staff, this ensures constant safety and care for your child. At all times we endeavour to adhere to your desired and established sleep patterns and routines.